Tome of Mildly Useful knowledge Title page

Tome of Mildly Useful Knowledge

Right after the last page was sewn, the tome took the soul of the tome maker. A little out of spite, mostly because of sepsis.

There already is a lot of lore and world building in SkyRanch.Life, in our game design documents anyway. And we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

We have stories about characters, their backgrounds, their mothers, hobbies, quirks, traits, how they talk (JeFawk runs around yelling stuff as if spoken by Sam Summertail, and hot diggity he's so annoying at times that he's annoying himself); professions, classes, combat moves, how prone they are to leave your party at a boss fight, favorite sexual positions, their weapon of choice in bed and on the floor, and more.

An insane amount of stuff.

But ... why?

Why you may ask? Because we love it, and in our combined love, without any protection, the co-writing of this masterpiece takes a lustful 1st 2nd, and 3rd place 🏆 .

JeFawk is a conqueror of virtual worlds. He enjoys knowing what bloodline he just severed by killing off that last asshole, and he'll sing a song about it, probably in the kitchen while pouring a pint of wine.

Frostnight is a creator of them as a self-published author; she started writing her first book since she was a teen, and continued with many more.

JeFawk published a book as well but nobody should read Space Hunk: A Spacetastic Tale From The Milkywow.

We love lore and world building and SkyRanch.Life will have A LOT of it, which is where the amazing and dubious Tome of Mildly Useful Knowledge (and the hot demon trapped in it) comes into place.

Tome content

The Tome has discoverable entries, and these discoveries take place by enjoying the game. It hosts short stories and information about characters (what they like, what they don't, how they look, where they live, when they go to bed (it's not creepy at all, we promise)), locations, items, artifacts, the world, Vleed, and more.

Achievements are also added to the Tome, after all, what's an achievement without the back story of how it came to be.

Quests? Tome. Progression bars to fill up? Tome.

26 pages of lore have been added until now.

The technical bit

We focused more than a month on the development of this book system, and as it stands, it's pretty damn robust. We easily added text, illustrations, animations, FX, and even game logic to it! (You can find some things to click on and to unlock)


We don't want to spoil the content, so all we can show is this annoying GIF.

Tome of Mildly Useful knowledge Title page