Vampiric Power and naughty Chaos

Vampiric Power is like Mana but better suited for a real badass like you. Chaos? Fill it up and find out!

Read more about the naughty 😈

Animations and Interactions

Vleed the vampire would rather not, but he NEEDS to interact with others. Always ruins his day.

Read more about animations, interactions, and Sammy's Happy Shirt.

Tome of Mildly Useful Knowledge

Lore galore, achievements, quests, progression, and sexy bed-time stories. All go in the Tome of Mildly Useful Knowledge and are copyright protected by the Demon trapped Within.

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Dialogue System with Sam Summertail

Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time, until you can see Jack's Morning Corn in the dialogue panel... but we're not there 😏 yet

Read more about the amazing Dialogue System

Butt Tenderizing Hobby

Nobody likes a more succulent piece of living meat than Vleed.

Read more about Vleed's peculiar hobby and his tools of trade

Teaser March 2023

After months of hard work, our first teaser is finally here. It has some work in progress parts but don't mind those yet 😊

Website is live 🎉

The website is live and it has a bunch of info on what the heck the game is about 🙃