How to report bugs like a pro in SkyRanch.Life

How to Report Bugs like a Pro

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You found a bug and you want to help us? You're fucking awesome!

This is a short guide on how bug reports can reach their maximum potential, which also means the highest chance that we can reproduce the bug and fix it!


It's extremely hard to fix a bug we cannot find / reproduce. We're left thinking about the creation of the universe and we can only guess what the problem could have been.

Also, more often than not, we're very tired since our computers run on alternative energy - our brainz. Please be kind and explain in detail so our potato can understand.

Ok, what do you need?

1. Steps to reach the bug

It would be great if you could tell us what steps you took to reach that bug.

2. Console log

The console log can tell us a lot at times about what happened.

You can open the console log by pressing some of shortcuts below (we can't change these)

Console log shortcuts

● F12

● CTRL + Shift + J (Windows, Linux)

● Option + ⌘ + J (Mac)

● Option + ⌘ + C (Mac)

Once the DevTools frame appears, navigate to the Console tab, usually top leftish.

It would be great to share some of it's content, especially if there are errors (red text) or warnings (yellow text).

Examples of details we'd like to know about

"The game couldn't be interacted with. It didn't freeze but I was clicking and nothing was happening. I saved the game before using Intimidate on the corn gobbler in the first scene, then I used Intimidate and then loaded the game, and the bug appeared."

"I finished the game and decided to try another playthrough to try out other things. I didn't save / load the game. When I got to the scene with Vleed being put in the coffin, the game stopped advancing. It didn't freeze, but nothing happened. The console log was showing this error [ ...... ]"

Thank you for helping us and making SkyRanch.Life a better game!

You can report a bug on any of our social media found in the top menu of this website, or using the contact form. Thanks!