Bat Rock - Leaky Willow. A rocky landscape with a red willow leaking what appears to be blood into a pond.

Crashing into Spring

Greetings SkyRanchers! Welcome to our end of February 2024 devlog 😄 Things are drawing close to another game update 🥳—version 0.2! We’re just counting our sheep figuring out where some are stuck and which ones are missing 👀 .

Vleed Sângerel has been launched into space 🚀 , yet even in this wild part of the solar system, he still finds himself confronted with his past and inescapable consequences 😩.

In this next major update Vleed will get to visit Bat Rock 🦇—a mysterious place yet oddly familiar at the outskirts of SkyRanch.

From concept art to it's final form:

Bat Rock Leaky Willow before and after showing the progress from concept art to final piece.

Here he is rudely greeted by the authorities, not really something which surprises him too much.

Siren Sarah, the deputy of SkyRanch is not impressed with Vleed's masculine attitude.

He gets to have an interesting conversation with the police-lady, and as interesting conversations go for Vleed, it takes the interlocutor through a carousel ride of emotions.

Siren Sarah going through a wheel of emotions

At Bat Rock you will finally be able to explore an open world 🗺 , as open as the bats and the rocks allow you. Slowly but surely the areas open up for looting 💎, exploration ✈🧳, combat ⚔, romance perhaps 💘 ?

Vleed Sangerel Jumping happily

Follow the narrative and complete all the side-quests or don't and remain poor, broke, and with no damn fish.

Quests in Bat Rock, plenty of things to do if the player decides to that is...

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