Known issues in SkyRanch.Life - no game is perfect :C

Known issues

We also wrote a small guide here on how to run the game if you have issues.

Save-Load system

  • This system is bugged due to the game engine. Until we fix this, the Save-Load system is disabled.

Grass glitch

  • If the sprite with this effect changes from pure white (rgb 255 255 255) to any other color, or from any other color to pure white, the effect glitches.


  • If the minimize dialogue is pressed before the text fully appears, the dialogue background frame minimizes, but the text can still be seen.
  • Some elements in the dialogue do not fade in / fade out, but instead instantly appear / disappear (examples: runes vs corn gobbler).
  • If the user closes the Tome while in a Dialogue, the background becomes unblurred. The background should remain blurred from the Dialogue mode.
  • If the user picks dialogue choices too fast, some might be stuck due to the Wait, others might overlap.
  • If the user selects a dialogue choice and quickly minimizes the dialogue, the choice might appear and be visible still.

World interactions

  • If the object has no world interaction buttons left, it will still show as clickable and will create the round interaction arrow. An example is the corn gobbler in Quint Holes Crossroads which as the user goes through the interactions, these become unavailable, leading to the NPC having no buttons left.
  • Some actions which require a prerequisite do not show that prerequisite as red if it's not met (needs X VP, the player doesn't have enough). The interaction is however disabled.
  • In The Horny Bull Lounge, if the user times the Talk interaction with a character while Elisah is preparing to hoe, she might fade in and out for a split second.


  • When tome is opened from the toast notification Show button, the active tab is wrong—it seems to be the top one no matter what.
  • Sam Summertail's entries are not deformed.
  • When exiting the Tome, there is a rare occasion where you cannot interact with World Objects. Please use the Force Enable button from the Main Menu accessed by pressing the Esc key.
  • Some illustrations do not fade in. They have to be loaded in the memory before the tween starts or something like that (seems the FadeIn tween starts before the object is fully created?). If the fade in timer is increased a lot, they do. Otherwise they appear instantly.


  • Rarely small graphical bugs will occur if the window is resized at certain moments, mostly particles seem to glitch.
  • Tooltip is still on screen when mousing over a Situational Status and then an Attribute.
  • Some tome bookmark buttons can be clicked and navigate away even though the tome is opened there already (Whereabouts, Mortals).
  • Certain shadows are missing (morons coming in the nightclub for example).
  • When the Chaos UI appears in Crossroads, the text is shown for a split second even though the mouse cursor is not over it.
  • When the Vampiric Power Glove appears in Crossroads, the text is shown for a split second even though the mouse cursor is not over it.
  • Around 2 carrots remain on the screen in the Crossroads and do not fade out.
  • Canon location might have a flicker if game is replayed.
  • Some checkbox options in the Main Menu might show wrong status after changing scenes (unchecked when it should be checked, and the other way around).
  • The dust Vleed makes in the Barn Garden location might not always appear, especially after he drops his coffin and walks a bit further. He might have shaken the dust off, no idea, I didn't tell him to do that but he's slowly acquiring a mind of his own.

Prone to bugs

Quint Holes Crossroads

  • After the user interacts with the corn gobbler, especially if the dialogue is interrupted (for example by the squatting) reading the sign might bug at the L_CanCreateNewPanel boolean check.

Working as intended

World Interaction menu closes automatically

The World Interaction menu closes automatically when the user acquires / loses some Vampiric Power, Ram Bullions, or other requirements. The frames would need to check in real time their requirements and enable / disable on the spot. Because this is a rare occasion where you would need to have the menu opened while replenishing some Vampiric Power or earning Ram Bullions, for now, it is intended for the menu to close on any change.

⚠ This will cause issues with people waiting for something to happen (fishing button to activate for example) while they get earn something passively (VP, money, other requirements).

A few bugs, eh... could be worse

We try to have the game as polished as possible, but we're only two people.

A warm thank you to people reporting bugs and giving feedback🥰.

We think the game is rather pleasant in it's current state, we hope you think so too. If you'd like to support development of this project with a few bugs here and there, check out the perks on our Patreon 🤤.