Vleed Sangerel's stats with customizations and funny things

Attributes and Magical Formulas ∑πƒ∆


SkyRanch.Life has 22 unique attributes, and that's quite a lot considering the average AAA games have under 10.

The use of attributes varies from winning a dice roll against a sofa, to amour-ing someone on that sofa.

Attributes mostly help, but also hinder. Are you in a rush to swiftly do something very fast? The Patience attribute will definitely slow you down.

Waiting for the appropriate time to erect your self-proclaimed superiority? Patience: I'm here for you bro.

Vleed Sangerel the vampire has a lot of stats

Default or dimwitted

Your character (Vleed Sângerel for now) comes with a predefined set of assigned attributes which overall work pretty well, but you can always surprise him and yourself by changing the values.

Mindblowingly, you will see your stats alter in real time!

You can challenge your brain in an attempt to reach that Max Health Points = 0, or whatever other weird spec you wish to try out.

Magical formulas

Stats are the delightful numbers that make your character feel like a living math teacher.
They get calculated using hardcore scientifically proven formulas such as:
Spell Power = Intelligence (disclaimer: not actual formula)

Skyranchy stats

• Max Health Points: reaching 0 means Unexpected Nap Time.

• Max Vampiric Power: the bread and butter of your vampiric nature.
With it you can Mind Read other characters and discover what kinky stuff they're into or what you should avoid (if you like to be a nice guy that is). Use Selective Gravity to snag some loot, or make your hot cocoa float so your dead hands won't cool it down.

• Movement Speed: caffeinated cat or sluggy grandpa-daddy?

• Attack Power: bonking is hard work (and so is game development).
This is the mostly-melee power of your swings. By default, Vleed would rather much engage in Intellectual warfare, but with customizations, he can swing some shit with unruly might, possibly leaving him rather dumb.

• Attack Speed, or as Vleed says "Why bother? They all die eventually."

• Spell Power baby! As Vleed is a vampire, casting mostly blood magic, this is very important for his plans to succeed, whatever those are.

• Spell Haste increases spell casting speed and more.
As Vleed has the patience of a butterfly, it would be wise to not test him. Too much Spell Haste can cause headaches as spells backfire, while too little help in achieving critical hits—sucks when both happen at the same time. The intricacies of Spell Casting remain largely unknown.

Customizing Vleed Sangerel's stats, adding all in Intelligence, this won't end well.


Different playthroughs, different specs.

Maybe you'd like your ancient vampire to have more points in Flexibility rather than Wisdom. Contrary to popular belief, people don't automatically get wiser with age (Vleed is a few hundred years old, more or less)

Since you can customize your attributes so damn much, replayability is a bit more entertaining than watching grass grow. So embrace those digits and let your stats soar or sink as you embark on epic adventures leaving a trail of statistical awesomeness in your wake!

Do you enjoy spreadsheets?

We got plenty of numbers in them, and even more in the hidden columns!

Did you know we have multiple sheets too? WOOOW

Vleed Sangerel the vampire has a lot of stats

With your support we'll make sure to implement the most gruesome formulas for the simplest of calculations. We'll utilize all the cores available to encrypt and decrypt the results, archive and decompress, turn to binary and back to whatever the heck it is, anything to make more numbers!

Patreon perks TLDR: you will be one more number in our Patreon spreadsheet, you will receive early non-compressed builds, WIP art, behind the scenes, numbers! Talking to you on Discord is number 1 social priority*.

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