The SkyRanch.Life team of developers

We are a game dev couple that have been making games together for nearly a decade.

What happens when you combine two outrageously creative minds? Chaos, mental labour, and intellectual constipation.

In our case, we made JeFawk's Spaghettorium 🍝. A place where every spaghett is his own project swirling in The Big Brain Pasta Bowl of our Milky Wow universe. Got any sauce?

You might scratch your head and wonder "What the hell does that even mean?"

Well... it can't be easily explained but we are sure you will either be delighted or horrified once you find out....

JeFawk's Spaghettorium logo - an elf lady riding spaghetti in outerspace landing down on a computer near you

Our home is also our office, which means the computer is a few meters away from the bed, we just need to roll out of it, and puff, we're fixing bugs and cursing at the screen.

We have no official visiting hours but you can always drop by our Discord server and say hi whether you're interested in our projects or not 😊

JeFawk's Spaghettorium home office of game development and misc projects

We like to rant and do stupid shit sometimes, we record it and put it up for the world to see:  JeFawk's Spaghettorium's bullshit on YouTube

Frostnight's unitframe portrait, lead artist at JeFawk's Spaghettorium, writer at Haranutarie, and artist at Frostnight Illustrations

To JeFawk: Can't you just code something?

I'm an illustrator of cute and terrifying things. Fueled by caffeine and beer for nearly a decade, I now bring life to whatever cosmically baffling ideas are birthed by our combined brains 🧠😓

I've been self-employed at my own company since 2011: painting traditionally, digitally, and writing high fantasy books.

JeFawk's unitframe portrait, lead developer at JeFawk's Spaghettorium

Tomorrow I eat so I can drink today.

Being normal is overrated.

I've been making PC games for about 17 years now. And this says absolutely nothing 🫠

As a former game tester and mmorpg veteran gamer, I have come to the the conclusion that there are not enough adult games out there, so I have to make my own!

I also used to be a frequent distributor of high quality memes until I got shadow-banned on most social platforms and figured ehh.. fuck it.