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SkyRanch.Life v. 0.2.1

A quality of life, bug fixing, and optimizations update available for everyone.(+ a new feature: Easter Eggs)

Read about eggs πŸ₯š

SkyRanch.Life v. 0.2.0 for Smol SkyRanchers

Update v. 0.2.0 can be played by our cute and Smol SkyRanchers 😊. Public release in a week from now, thanks for your patience 😚.

Play the new update!

SkyRanch.Life v. 0.2.0 for Daddies and Ravenous SkyRanchers

Update v. 0.2.0 can be played by our Daddies and by Ravenous SkyRanchersβ€”thank you for the support πŸ₯°.

Play the new update, Daddy!

Crashing into Spring

Check out what happened to Vleed after he got cannoned towards the sun 🌞 .

Did he survive or did he die... again?

Globe showcase

A smol video showing the improved globe that hosts both your Vampiric Power and your Health.

Watch the thing!

Happy Holidays!

Another year draws to an end–phew, thank fuck πŸ˜….

Read a summary of 2023 with some numbers and stats and .... stuff πŸŽ„

A very Halloweeny isometric sneak peek

A sneak peek of the isometric map we're working on. You'll be able to explore, pick ingredients and naughty things, poke stuff, and do normal RPG stuff 😁 but with our own twist.

Check it out and have a very Spooky Halloween! πŸŽƒ

SkyRanch.Life v. 0.1.2 is now Live

A smol and cozy update which fixes a bunch of bugs.
We take the bugs in a jar and gently place them outside. They squeak out of joy for being left alive.
It's wholesome.

Go Play!

How to Report Bugs like a Pro

Bonus: photos of our praying mantis pet

You want to report a bug you found? You're fucking awesome!

Read smol guide how to report like a Pro

Vote on Content Priority πŸ“Š

You vote it, we develop it!


SkyRanch.Life v. 0.1.1 is Live for everybody

We hope you enjoy the game and we look forward to talking to you on Discord.

Feedback is most welcomed!

Play for free

SkyRanch.Life v. 0.1.1 is Live for Patrons

Thank you for your feedback and bug reports. It's invaluable to us!

This version is mostly a bug fix and polishing update. We fixed most if not all the bugs reported, implemented some quality of life improvements from your feedback, and added a bit more to the story.

Play v. 0.1.1

How to Run the Game

We recommend playing the game as much as possible, but if that is not possible for technical reasons, read this short guide on how to achieve supremacy over technology. Don't let it put you down!

Read how you can achieve the ultimate gamer's pleasureβ€”to play SkyRanch.Life

SkyRanch.Life v. 0.1.0 Patreon Build is Live

After a gruesome 180 days of extra full time hardcore work, with your support, we present to you, our beloved patrons, the first playable version ever of SkyRanch.Life.

Thank you so much for your support, we hope you enjoy SkyRanch.Life and that it brings you a bit of joy in this bitter, extremely hot, world.

We hope to bring you the 2nd big update as soon as possible 🀩😍

Read more and seriously consider playing it

Not so random Dice Rolls

(insert meme) Everybody loves RNG right... right?

Read more about why our dice rolls are mostly NOT random πŸ˜‡

Attributes and Magical Formulas βˆ‘Ο€Ζ’βˆ† 

It wouldn't be an RPG without attributes, stats, and bad calculations.

Read more about the math behind your failure 😰

Vampiric Power and naughty Chaos

Vampiric Power is like Mana but better suited for a real badass like you. Chaos? Fill it up and find out!

Read more about the naughty 😈

Animations and Interactions

Vleed the vampire would rather not, but he NEEDS to interact with others. Always ruins his day.

Read more about animations, interactions, and Sammy's Happy Shirt.

Tome of Mildly Useful Knowledge

Lore galore, achievements, quests, progression, and sexy bed-time stories. All go in the Tome of Mildly Useful Knowledge and are copyright protected by the Demon trapped Within.

Read more about mildly useful knowledge

Dialogue System with Sam Summertail WIP

Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time, until you can see Jack's Morning Corn in the dialogue panel... but we're not there 😏 yet

Read more about the amazing Dialogue System

Butt Tenderizing Hobby

Nobody likes a more succulent piece of living meat than Vleed.

Read more about Vleed's peculiar hobby and his tools of trade

Teaser March 2023

After months of hard work, our first teaser is finally here. It has some work in progress parts but don't mind those yet 😊

Website is live πŸŽ‰

The website is live and it has a bunch of info on what the heck the game is about πŸ™ƒ