Vampiric Power and Chaos

Vampiric Power and naughty Chaos

A Vampire's addiction

Vampiric Power is the vampire's resource, similar to Mana but better suited for a real badass.

With it you fortify your mental helth, empower your attacks, and establish good relationships based on blackmail, manipulation, and assholity.

Such dark contorted power can be acquired mostly using frowned-upon means, however, desperation can lead to sucking on some blood pudding for minor kicks, just enough for that Manipulation spell...

Vampiric Power with tooltip

Fill 'er up

Vampiric Power pouring animation: Diablo vibes, sexual content.

Everything has a price, oh and that glass is floating due to Vleed's Selective Gravity passive. He rather not touch things unless they're warm and suckable.

Buying blood pudding to fill up the Vampiric Power


You can't expect to do bullshit all the time and get away with it.

An original take on the Crime System: Chaos. Fill it up and find out!

Different locations cause different events to trigger once the Chaos meter is full. Of course you can just not fill it up, but where's the fun in that? (you'll skip content we worked on, I'd avoid it if I were you)

Floor-tossing drinks in the nightclub because you don't like your reflection in the glass?

Getting Sam Summertail to show his secondary fox nature?

Maybe you think biting is a social norm here.

Chaos. Fill it up and find out.

Chaos meter with tooltip

Like where this is going?

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