Vampiric Vision and new interaction UI on Elisah Twiddlycorn, the naughty elf in SkyRanch.Life

Butt Tenderizing Hobby

I squeeze and things come out. Pathetic...

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TLDR in changelog format at the end of the page.

An Expensive Hobby

Nobody likes a more succulent piece of living meat than Vleed.

Now, more than ever (because this was not coded before), Vleed can get very “hands on” in his sudden personal encounter.

The scene with Elisah Twiddlycorn getting her legs worked out by someone else has now been polished so much that Vleed himself is drooling on my keyboard, and not from his mouth.

Left butt cheek, right butt cheek, middle butt cheek, all the cheeks, all the time, separate, or together, behold ! They shaking yo.

Her static face has been blessed with the ability to express her approval—and disapproval— of Vleed’s outrageous behavior, also ahegos and owos galore.

And with this huge development of blinking eyes and moving mouth holes, the game is officially way more alive than just looking at static pictures and performing imaginative brain-actions.

As a side note, the grab animations are code-based, the speed and passion of which can be changed, taking it’s smaller or greater toll on your CPU.

Don't Spill It!

Some sad animation about drink abuse.

UIX - User Interface seXperience

If you don't want to see any UI in SkyRanch, just close your eyes 🫣 .

We got rid of the minimalistic look, because it JeFawk has this masochistic desire to code buttons, over and over and over, and he is in need of dopamine tears.

The old minimalistic UI didn’t fit the fantasy-sci-fi style, so that’s that and now we got a new one. There is just so much that one can talk about buttons and panels while holding the reader’s interest.

Vampiric Vision and new interaction UI on Elisah Twiddlycorn, the naughty elf in SkyRanch.Life

The Vampiric Vision ability has been dopeyfied. It's fully animated and gets irritated from use.

Vampiric Vision and new interaction UI on Elisah Twiddlycorn, the naughty elf in SkyRanch.Life


We like to write a lot (as you might have noticed), so we had to find a way to add our pleasure in the game: TEXT.

We’ve started working on the dialogue system so that Vleed can ask that rat what he’s up to, and choose to ignore him. That choice will be the end of our vampire, one day.

You will be able to get to know some characters quite a lot, or not at all, you decide (but you should read our TEXT because it’s worth it).

Art for your Left Eyeball

This week on the art side has mostly been about polishing assets and finishing assets, and everything was about assets.

The old nightclub got a proper overhaul, we got a few carpenters there and is no longer a dazzling blur of adjacent colors.

Two more scenes were added that were missing in the storyboard (which is pretty meaningless knowledge to whomever is reading this because we never publicly published the storyboard hah!).

JeFawk's Spaghettorium logo - an elf lady riding spaghetti in outerspace landing down on a computer near you

Future Shenanigans

I got my alarm set tomorrow at 7 AM because some guy has to come check my tubes. — JeFawk

I’ll get out of bed, wash my face & stuff and sit down to fix some bugs and work on the dialogue screen.

Our main priority is to gamedev enough to release an early version that will not be completely broken and will be somewhat enjoyable.

TLDR 19th March 2023 Update


  • Animations for Elisah Twiddlycorn’s butt interaction scene.
  • Idle animations for the nightclub scene
  • Arm animations for Vleed

UI Overhaul

  • Replaced old UI with something more fitting for a sci-fi-fantasy game.
  • UI design and improvements


  • Writing character dialogue and designing the dialogue screen.

Art Assets

  • Animation frames for Vleed and Elisah
  • Polished character assets
  • Finished backgrounds for current and future scenes

What's next?

We are working on getting a first playable version ready. (Aiming for sometime in August-September this year 2023)