Vleed Sangerel talking pissing off Sam Summertail

Dialogue System with Sam Summertail

Seducing this guy won't be easy...damn foxes...

Or watch it on YouTube if video ⤴️ doesn't work

This update is to showcase the dialogue system. The animations for the characters (Vleed & Sam) are not done yet, thus here they have only 1 pose.

Frostnight has been working hard on them, and we expect the next update to show the characters with animations and poses, and overall way more alive.

Reinventing the wheel is not great, however because of that, this custom system is very flexible as it has been written from scratch to fit our needs and more...

Dialogue system features

Sorry if it doesn't look like much (scroll bar big deal), the amount of UI coding to get it how we wanted it was insane.
  • Can be fully minimized to see the characters better
  • Holds the history of the conversation
  • Can be resized in case you want to read more or less at one time
  • Has colored text related to the characters; the colors are based on quality (gray, green, blue, purple, gold)
  • Has colored text related to what the characters are thinking; Vleed for now, the others will be revealed with the implementation of the Mind Read ability (so you use the ability while talking to a character and find out what they're thinking and not telling you
  • Even though it doesn't show here, objects can be added in the dialogue, objects such as images, animations, items, etc.


If you'd rather not watch the video... (makes us sad though)
World interactions in the Nightclub with Jack Sundergrass
World interactions in the Nightclub with Elisah Twiddlycorn
World interactions in the Nightclub with Sam Summertail
Vleed Sangerel pissing off Sam Summertail and his tail
Showcasing the customizability of the dialogue system