Dice Roll UI Vleed Persuasion vs Sam Summertail's Resist Manipulation

Not so random Dice Rolls

Slightly important things

In Skyranch.Life you roll for nonmonotonous actions and things such as special interactions, persuasion attempts, finding small treasures in obvious places, etc.

The dice roll itself lasts for just a few seconds, so if you'd rather not do this, just blink very slowly and keep clicking.

In this UI you have Vleed's attributes, statuses, and other modifiers, vs your opponent's relevant attributes, statuses, etc. Some statuses could relate to the level of darkness in the room for things which require accuracy, while other could be related to the amount of braincells available.

Vleed Sangerel the vampire has a lot of stats

Your attributes + a pinch of RNG

In our version of dice rolling, different attributes come into play and have a good ol' fist fight. Since you can customize your stats and reassign points throughout the game, some dice rolls will be more challenging than others.

After the total points of both involved parties are calculated (attributes + statuses + other), the target which you have to roll over will be = defender's points - attacker's points, or the other way around if you're the defender in this equation.

The panels try to show as much relevant information as possible, to give you the best chance of understanding why and how, or you can just skip that part and look for a guide or ask people on our discord how to win some of the rolls 😇

Wanna roll for a Patreon Tier?

By reading this you agree to throw an imaginary dice.

If you lose the roll, you have to pick one of our tiers and support us.

If you win, we have to pick a tier for you to support.

Which tier shall it be then?

Patreon perks TLDR: you receive attention from us*, you support our work, you get early builds, WIP art, behind the scenes, you are credited and will forever remain so even if you pause your pledge.

* as long as you keep winning your Ask Random Question rolls vs our Prolonged Patience